Queen---Jenilee Johnson, PQ
Junior Past Queen ----Sharon Secoy, PQ
Princess Royal---Joy Aiello McDonnell
Princess Tirzah--Sara Hoovler
Princess Badoura--Michelle Bennett
Princess Recorder--Doris McLendon, PQ
Princess Banker--Jean Holm

Princess Marshal--Maryann
Princess Chaplain--Jerilyn Hopper
Lady of the Keys---Judy Allen
Lady of the Gates--Priscilla Carr
Princess Nydia--Carolyn Pitterle
Princess Zulieka--Pat Aiello
Princess Zenobia--Pam Slater
Princess Zora---Diane Oehler
Princess Zuliema--Margaret Phillips
Princess Musician--Pro-Tems
Attendant---Patricia Kasmar
Attendant--Leah Junor

Ceremonial Assistant--Judy Bowers, PQ
Ceremonial Hostesses---Julienne McDaniel, PQ, Joan Wenger, PQ
Ceremonial Prompters--Beverly Carr, Barbara Cummings, PQ, Donna Dow, Carolyn Pitterle
Ceremonial Pro-Tems---Patricia Aiello, Judy Allen, Beverly Carr, Donna Dow,
Jean Keyser, PQ, Mary Lundahl, Jeanette Norman, Carol Ostrom, Sharon Secoy, PQ, Julie Wilhelmi
Temple Historian---Alice Alfredson, PQ
Founder's Day--Alice Alfredson, PQ
Memorial Service---Bereavement Service
Photographer--Jean Castle, PQ
Sound System--Chair, Janice Bloom, PQ, Floor, Jeanne Sumpter
House Maiden--Carol Peterson
Queen's Aide and Social Chairman--Jeanne Sumpter
Temple Liaison--